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Kim Wu


At the core, she’s an entrepreneur. With a love for travel, entertainment, and the written word, Kim Wu has been able to capitalize on her passion. Kim Wu, born in Detroit, MI, was raised in a militant environment, Fayetteville, NC. Graduating from UNC Charlotte earning a BA in Psychology, a BA in Criminal Justice, and an MBA concentrating on HR Management; this savvy street-smart young lady made a surprisingly generous living, selling hats, clothes, shoes, etc., etc., for 12 years in Charlotte’s streets working out of her trunk.

In 2004, South Korea called, offering international experience. Teaching adults abroad was an invaluable learning experience that changed her way of thinking forever. As the founder of the Metro Proponent (2008), a brand representing the community she serves, Kim shares her voice as an active philanthropist aimed at empowering the talented young professionals, entrepreneurs, and “minorities” of all races of Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. Major emphasis of the Metro Proponent includes Politics, the Economy, Social issues, Culture, Education, Health, and Entertainment. Kim, a self-proclaimed “creative mind”, currently publishes her poems and short stories each month as a hobby. The alternative newspaper has become a staple for its audience as it touches on several areas of interest, including: entertainment, local, national, and international. Through her work with Metro Proponent, she has been able to keep her finger on the pulse of the city.

Philanthropy has been intertwined in each of her business ventures as she has spearheaded various campaigns to assist the community and its residents. Metro Proponent strives to partner with local and national business entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, community volunteers, and government representatives to better serve the growth of Charlotte as a whole. Among numerous other projects, Kim is a huge advocate for youth affected by domestic violence. Utilizing Metro Proponent’s marketing reach, she partners with non-profits to raise awareness and funds to accommodate the women, children, and families in need.

A self-proclaimed creative soul, Kim has been able to intricately incorporate her life experiences into each and every move. Through her career and personal travels, she has spent a great deal of time both within the U.S. and overseas; a lifestyle which has caused her to become culturally aware and diverse.

Fast forward to today, World Ventures (WV) has changed the course of her life. Now realizing WV as a vessel God has used to help her help others. Kim Wu has created her “WHY”. Her new-found goal is to empower 50 women to 5-figure monthly incomes to gain financial freedom leaving a legacy.

Kim is also venturing into the arena of television next as she prepares for the launch of Metro P TV—the visual component to her brand.


Hear My Story

This is "WHO" I am," WHAT" I have become,  "HOW" I have made it this far, and the path to create my "WHY". Join my journey with me and lead your way into finding your own "WHY".


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